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See Life

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

We often walk through life with blinders on our eyes, Going through the daily motions, Simply keeping up the stride. We pass by people, we pass by things Never truly seeing all the beauty that it brings.

We’ve been convinced a busy life is all we have to live Never slowing down the pace, only taking what it gives. The job, the kids, the partner and our friends Always running from place to place, the activities never end.

There is beauty in this life you will never get to SEE Because you are far too busy living it to simply learn to BE. This little treasure box was made to hold some things As a reminder of all the beauty you chose to let come in.

Go outside and SEE LIFE don’t let it pass you by, Love and laughter are more abundant, they far surpass the sky.

-CommonGirl Creations

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