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As time stretches across the sky,

I am reminded of our days gone by.

While some were fun and filled my life,

There were far too many filled with strife.

My outward smiles do not describe,

The daily suffering that goes on inside.

I will never comprehend how things came to pass,

Why I stayed and came back, but this is the last.

Every time there was a little more to reveal,

Supposedly of how you really did feel.

No matter the talks or reassurances that came,

I was always left alone, as it has remained.

I can’t fill my nights with strangers or hide,

To make up for the loneliness that fills me inside.

You can keep going and just turn to another,

With such ease and comfort, not even a bother.

I have given beyond what I have possessed

And frankly my love, there is nothing left.

There is no plan, no goal and no team,

Just visiting when you want to boost your esteem.

There is no defense for the life that you live,

As there is no reason I should continue to give

Anymore of my thoughts, my heart or my time

Because in the end, you’re the only one doing just fine.

I want to live in a place where I am desired and loved,

By a person who chooses me over all the above.

-Jennifer Marie

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