Today is the day I decided to forgive you.

As time goes on and I continue to see your failed attempts to reach me, something strange happened.

I didn’t feel anger or fear, I felt sadness.

Sadness knowing I was probably what you truly wanted.

Sadness knowing I was the one who scared you away. Sadness knowing you could never keep up or elevate your life to meet mine.

Sadness knowing I should have left you when I met you because I already knew all the above.

We weren’t destined to be together because Cupid struck us with his bow.

We were destined to only meet, long enough to show you what you’d never have.

Long enough to expose the self loathing you feel for yourself.

Long enough to know it’s what fuels your abuse of others.

Today is the day I realized my own power.

The same power you told me I had but knew I didn’t harness.

Today I not only harness it, but know how to use it to reach every goal I’ve set.

Today I know who I am and why we met.

Today is the day you know it too.


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