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Deep down in your soul it weeps

The fear and sadness it does keep

Holding feelings so no one knows

Just how much the anger grows

Bottle it up, keep the lid on tight

You try like hell to make it right

But then the top begins to leak

You need an outlet so you seek

The one who loves you and is near

So you let her have it, as she tears

You know she’ll take it all for you

Let you vent until you are through

She understands what’s in your heart

But loses herself each time you start

Blaming her for all that’s wrong

Because you waited for too long

To face the fear that’s in your soul

Now it’s too much for you to hold

Anger is the result of pain

By yelling at her, there is no gain

The monster grows while she withdrawals

Then there is nothing left at all

The fear and sadness belong to you

Please remember that in all you do

-Jennifer Marie

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